Empowering HongKongers down under

Ozstarter is the first ever job searching / hiring platform & career hub in the Southern Hemisphere built for Hong Kongers, by Hong Kongers. 

We primarily help young Hongkongers who just migrated to Australia/just graduated to lay out their career path.

Why we do this

Our Vision

We envisage a self-sustainable career community for Hong Kongers in Australia and New Zealand that can cater their career and business needs. OzStarter always emphasize self-help and helping each others.


It doesn’t matter where you’re from, where your future lies matters. 


Free & Easy


Aligned Values

Exclusive Jobs

Seek Your Dream Job/Employee

Job seeking in OZ/NZ for Hong Kongers was difficult. We now have simplified it: we look for the employers, and you just have to apply. Likewise, recruiting high quality employees was hard, especially if there’s Chinese requirement. Now there’s an extensive highly skilled labour pool provided to you, at your fingertips. 

Aligned Values & Exclusivity

We look for employers that are open to hiring Hong Kongers and embracing our strong work ethic. We also connect with local communities using our superior network to provide unprecedented, exclusive opportunities for HKers. 

Our Features (highlight)

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Let your career/ business takeoff today.

It’s completely free, and premium plans are available to supercharge your recruitment/job seeking.